Month: July 2019

Style Guides and House Rules

on July 31, 2019 by ProofreadingPal in Editing Tools
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Periodicals often have their own in-house style guides laying out exceptions. Such house rules can be a source of confusion and anxiety for clients and proofreaders alike.


Third-Person POV on Other Characters

on July 19, 2019 by ProofreadingPal in Writing Fiction
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We live our lives behind one set of eyes, but we can tell a lot about what the people around us are feeling and thinking even when they don’t say a word.


Avoiding Plagiarism in Tricky Situations: Part 1

on July 16, 2019 by ProofreadingPal in Essays
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But because we take inspiration from everything around us—from nature, from conversations, from street signs, from the things we watch and read—it can be hard to give appropriate credit to all those many sources.


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