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February 7, 2023


The journal till want more editing to…

The journal till want more editing to paper regarding grammar and language

February 6, 2023


They are always very helpful and their…

They are always very helpful and their products are outstanding!

February 6, 2023

derya oz


Awesome! I have been working with the proofreading for six years. Always great!

February 6, 2023

Clairon Haynes

Great experience

So far so good 😊

February 3, 2023


I am very happy with the service!

I am very happy with the service!

February 3, 2023


The service has a very quick turnaround and is accurate.

The service has a very quick turnaround, great advice and corrections. It really relieved a lot of the stress around updating my resume. I would recommend this service to others.

January 31, 2023

Yousef Sahari

Excellent qulity

Excellent quality Strongly recommended

January 27, 2023

James Dombro

Great Proofing Partner! One stop shop, right!! Look no further.

These guys did a phenomenal job providing us with proofing services for our internal documents. We had a 500+ page business resource that was edited in under two weeks! Incredible impressive. It took me a few more week to sift through the 31,000+ recommendations that were made to our document. I'd say over 80% of the feedback was utilized and implemented into our final version. It's hard to throw that much info at someone without the background industry knowledge and expect perfection, but our proofers went above and beyond!! Thanks for everything! We will be coming back and recommending you to more of our partners!

January 18, 2023


Beyond my expectation

Very detailed suggestions and corrections. They also provide differences between the English written in the US and the UK. I definitely recommend their proofreading service. It's way beyond one's expectation.

January 16, 2023

Aaron Williams

The work Proofreadingpal.com does is…

The work Proofreadingpal.com does is phenomenal. If you are looking to create a truly professional document/presentation, Proofreadingpal.com is the place to go.

January 11, 2023

David Bekus

On time and fixes my misses

On time and fixes my misses

January 7, 2023

Frank Helton

Very Pleased

Very reasonable. Very responsive. Fast. Have good insights. I learned a lot. Thank, you.

January 5, 2023

Sherif Monib

Sentienl lymph nod identification

Many thanks for your professional and prompt service, which helped me so much in my publication

January 2, 2023

Abeer sad

Thank you for quick order

Thank you for quick order

December 30, 2022


I Really Love this Service!

I really liked the feedback because it helped me to understand why certain suggestions were given. My writing has already improved with just the two papers I've received help with. The turnaround time is fantastic, and their ability to help with different kinds of papers will bring me back again and again I'm sure.

December 29, 2022

Mohammed Laid OUAKOUAK

A great proofreading

A great proofreading. Thank you.

December 24, 2022

Michael Liddell

Proofreading Pals did an amazing job…

Proofreading Pals did an amazing job with corrections and recommendations on a doctoral level. I am very pleased with the outcome.

December 24, 2022


Excellent work!

I am so glad that I sent my personal statement to be reviewed by ProofreadingPal. It sounds really good now. They took out all my passive voice and made it flow better than I ever could have. I am very pleased with their work.

December 21, 2022


Great and punctual

The proofreader was great in following the specific directions I attached. Remarkable and punctual service. Thank you proofreading pals!!

December 16, 2022

Wenxuan Li

Really disappointed that the provided…

Really disappointed that the provided modification is really useless.

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