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If you have a project over 15,000 words, please contact us at 888-833-8385. We provide custom quotes for projects over 15,000 words.

We price our services on a per-word basis, which is determined by your required turnaround time. Typically, a one-page paper is about 250–300 words. Please see our pricing structure below:

7-day turnaround Maximum of 50,000 words

Available 24/7

5-day turnaround Maximum of 40,000 words

Available 24/7

4 to 7-day turnaround Maximum of 3,000 words

*4 to 7-day FLAT RATE is not available for purchase.

Not Available

72-hour turnaround Maximum of 30,000 words

Available 24/7

48-hour turnaround Maximum of 25,000 words

Available 24/7

36-hour turnaround Maximum of 16,000 words

Available 24/7

24-hour turnaround Maximum of 12,500 words

Available 24/7

10-hour turnaround Maximum of 10,500 words

Available 24/7

6-hour turnaround Maximum of 5,050 words

Available 24/7

3-hour turnaround Maximum of 3,300 words

Available 24/7

2 to 4-hour turnaround Maximum of 1,800 words

*2 to 4-hour FLAT RATE is available for purchase Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. CT.

90-minute turnaround Maximum of 1,600 words

Available 24/7

30-minute turnaround Maximum of 800 words

Available 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. CT

For documents of over 15,000 words, please contact ProofreadingPal at 888-833-8385 or email us for a custom quote. We offer many different options for larger documents such as manuscripts, theses, dissertations, manuals, etc., including longer turnaround rates and one-proofreader pricing.

For rush projects over the word count limit for your desired turnaround, please contact us at 888-833-8385.

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