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March 8, 2020 Reviewed by Ms W

Your Company Provides Excellent Service!

Your Company Provides Excellent Service! I Don’t know what I would do without Your company! You are Wonderful!

March 5, 2020 Reviewed by Rebecca Washington–Lindsey

I really appreciate the colored…

I really appreciate the colored markings noting changes needed.

March 5, 2020 Reviewed by Mike

Excellent service.

Excellent service.

March 5, 2020 Reviewed by Do Won Kwak

It was quick and most corrections and…

It was quick and most corrections and suggestions were reasonable.

March 2, 2020 Reviewed by James Miller

Everything went very well

Everything went very well

February 28, 2020 Reviewed by BBelicia


Awesome. Great response time. Appropriately structured comments for consideration. Great support. I accidentally submitted less words than I reported, they contacted me before starting the project to confirm it was the correct document and then credited me the amount I overpaid. Very ethical. Thank you for all you do.

February 27, 2020 Reviewed by Daniel Cummings

I would have preferred a chance to…

I would have preferred a chance to iterate the comments with the proofreader. The one–time comments with no interaction is not a winning formula. I am not a happy customer.

February 26, 2020 Reviewed by Himrod

I like their services

I like their services. Everything was just super

February 26, 2020 Reviewed by Anonymus

Great review.

Great review.

February 25, 2020 Reviewed by SK

Great review

Great review

February 24, 2020 Reviewed by Danielle Knox

This was my first time using this…

This was my first time using this online proofreading service. I was surprised at the quick response to the free sample and impressed by the edit and feedback. I like that the editors followed the instructions given and gave beyond great feedback. The price is reasonable and if I had a question, customer service was helpful. I would encourage steps on how to accept corrections, as this was a little confusing, for a first time user. I hope the quality continues with this company.

February 23, 2020 Reviewed by Dustan Barabas

Proofreading Pal provided prompt

Proofreading Pal provided prompt, helpful changes and advice that improved my paper significantly! I would highly recommend.

February 22, 2020 Reviewed by Greg Petry

excellent services...

excellent services...exceeds my expectation

February 21, 2020 Reviewed by Wanda B

I like the feedback and attention to the content.

I like the feedback and attention of preserving my content & my personality. My proofreader suggested better word choice and saw areas where I could exchange words to make my point. I am very happy with the service and surely use again for ALL my books.

February 21, 2020 Reviewed by Valerie Reed

I’m very pleased with the service…

I’m very pleased with the service provided

February 21, 2020 Reviewed by Ken Christensen

Always reliableNeed a solution for proofreader questions

Always reliable. Would like the ability to ask questions of the proofreader on my project rather than a go–between. Why? because the proofreaders response may generate another question – based on the volume I do with you, I don't have the time to spend on multiple emails

February 18, 2020 Reviewed by Michael Felli

First time user

I needed a proofreader and editor. I took a chance with this site (found via a google search). Was very pleased with the results and have used them multiple times since.

February 17, 2020 Reviewed by Anthony Maddi

A few words were missed

A few words were missed. It was the same word. I put conservation vs conversation My fault.

February 16, 2020 Reviewed by Jerry Clark

Excellent editing and a great tool to…

Excellent editing and a great tool to have especially when two individuals are proof reading your writing

February 12, 2020 Reviewed by IG

proofreadingpal.com is a great service

proofreadingpal.com is a great service! You are the best! Thank you so much for your careful and prompt edits!

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