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October 20, 2021


Always fast and professional

Always fast and professional – with excellent corrects and suggestions. Great service!

October 19, 2021

Tony Laing

Great service always!!!

Great service always!!!! I plan to use again.

October 15, 2021

Leemon Peterson Sr.

I love proofreading Pal.

I love proofreading Pal they have been professional and Carlo is my favorate Customer Rep, he does everything to try to help you anyway he can. The others are aceptable but I've been brushed off professionally by the others on questions that were important to me. I always try to get Carlo. But I have had good service and the proofreading people are great.

October 14, 2021


I have used…

I have used numerous times. This is the first time that I had technical issues. But I tried to get a document turned around super quick so that may have been the problem. I will continue to use as I have been extremely satisfied with what I have received in the past. Proofreading pal followed up and to help me use the service more efficiently. I appreciate them following up with me. While there were some technical issues on my part, they did a good job of helping me learn how to be more efficient.

October 9, 2021

David Shao

This is a great service and I use this…

This is a great service and I use this website regularly.

October 8, 2021

Jiahua Chen

I am happy with the timeliness of the…

I am happy with the timeliness of the service. The overall quality is also very good. Many scholars like me seeking this service because English is our second language. Our writings target journal publications. We use latex for word processing and cross references. Scientific journals often have their own latex–styles in various aspects. Your service will be more helpful when you learn about latex and can directly check the requirements of these journals. Otherwise, some of your comments are ill formulated. Also, we use some specific terminologies which can be found in wikipedia. Do not vainly suggest changes of such terminologies.

October 7, 2021

John Chilelli

Best site I have ever used.

There knowledge on APA7 is amazing. They are very thorough and punctual.

October 5, 2021

Alex Ford

A Trustworthy Service

I submitted a PhD research proposal with Proofreading Pal for a quick proofreading service. They got back to me on time with an excellent accuracy rate.

October 4, 2021


Great job

Great job. Look forward to working with you again.

September 30, 2021

Jay Waters

Fast and thorough

Fast and thorough, couldn't be more pleased!

September 28, 2021



Attentive, rigorous and on time. Good recommendations for improvement.

September 28, 2021

Navarat B

writing review

Thank you very much for your professional and friendly services. I am very impressed with the high quality of your work. Looking forward to use your services again in the near future.

September 28, 2021


ProofreadingPal is an outstanding…

ProofreadingPal is an outstanding service. The proofreaders will provide the costumer with excellent feedback and insight on your paper. Thank you so much!

September 25, 2021

Originalavaone Avaone

I truly appreciate this service

I truly appreciate this service. I will continue to use them. I gave 4 stars because I always ask for the team to let me know if my writing fulfills the descriptions I provided. I ask, if I answered all questions and completely and if not let me know to add more. I ask so that I know if I am on track with my responses. However, I never get that information. Nonetheless, I feel this service is fabulous and recommend every one to use it.

September 23, 2021

Jon Peddie

I was extremely happy with the comment

I was extremely happy with the comment, and the fact that three people read it and each expressed comments and ideas I hadn't thought of.

September 16, 2021


I’m satisfied with their job!!

Thank you for your quick turnaround and carefully proofread document!

September 8, 2021

Nusaraporn Kessomboon

I'm very happy with the service at…

I'm very happy with the service at Proofreading Pal. It's attentively, on time, and cost–effective. Thank you so much!

September 7, 2021

David Aust


Factual, respectful, no–nonsense feedback. I appreciate helping me to be a better writer.

September 6, 2021


Excellent job

Use if often, always a very good service quality.

September 3, 2021

Alan Sitomer

Really great work

Really great work – and I'd definitely return as a customer.

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