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September 23, 2017

Shimeng Liu

provide careful edits in time

provide careful edits in time, will use next time.

September 21, 2017

Amir Jadidian

I should say that I'm very satisfied

I should say that I'm very satisfied. I've been using proofreadingpal for years. Very professional team, great service, and responsible staff. Thank you for your service.

September 21, 2017

Mike Palm

As usual

As usual, I submitted my work and it was returned, on time, with professional advice that (most importantly) picked up on wording problems that I hadn't seen...even after multiple readings!

September 20, 2017


I really satisfied

I really satisfied. Great price, great work. I recommend it. Thanks!

September 18, 2017


Best proof reading ever

Best proof reading ever

September 17, 2017

amir mahdavi

very accurate and responsible work by …

very accurate and responsible work by the both proofreaders

September 15, 2017

Zubair Alam Chowdhury


Definitely, would recommend :)

September 10, 2017

Malinda Lee

I was able to receive an A through …

I was able to receive an A through Proofreading Pal. Thank you!

September 9, 2017

Mary Howard

The staff at saved …

The staff at saved my academic life. They have been there to proof my work even when I have been admitted to the hospital and when having to go to the library that is a 3 hour walk up and 3 hours back because my computer crashed. This is the best service provided ever!

September 3, 2017

Aaron Williams

The Best Proofreading Service Available is an excellent service. It is truly amazing how much more professional and improved a document can become after being proofread by professionals!

September 2, 2017

heba hariri

It is the best service ever!!

It is the best service ever!!

August 31, 2017

Conrad Quintyn

Excellent and thorough reviews!

Excellent and thorough reviews!

August 31, 2017

Chartese Mitchell

Thank you

Thank you, for your customer service and fast turnaround.

August 31, 2017

claudia Carter

I received my paper in a timely manner.

I received my paper in a timely manner.

August 29, 2017



Professional, accurate and timely.

August 20, 2017

FT (Greece)

Excellent proofreading

Excellent proofreading – not only corrections but also different options given by two proofreaders.

August 19, 2017


Excellent Service

I have been looking for editing service at a reasonable for long time. I tried proofreadingpal and it came out very satisfactory to me. High degree of professionalism, accuracy, and they send you their suggestions on your submission. Turnout time is accurate even may be less than what was stated. The only thing that can be changed is that they have a minimum charge. This would hold people from editing short communications and writings.

August 18, 2017


I tried both essayedge and …

I tried both essayedge and proofreadingpal. the latter was far better. thanx for making my manusrcipt look better!

August 17, 2017

Peter Brennan

Service excellent.

Service excellent. What I found awkward, was the process for submitting a document. I guess the user eventually gets the hang of it.

August 12, 2017

Merlin Paulson

Some discounts rates for frequent …

Some discounts rates for frequent customers would be appreciated. Enables to introduce ProofreadingPal to my other mates. They prefer other sites due to rates. Thanks for the support and services.

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