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  • Brian says: on 11/10/2013 "I have read over your remarks and changes, and I'm completely satisfied with ProofreadingPal! I will continue to seek advice for future papers without a doubt."
  • Dahlia Bloomstone says: on 11/08/2013 "I just wanted to Mike Kielkopf that his encouraging words in my editing really helped me so incredibly much!"
  • Linda says: on 11/07/2013 "Once again, you guys did an awesome job! I was really impressed with the quick turn-around and the level of effort you put into my paper. Thank you.

    Please thank the proofreaders for me. The proofers found that I missed two stages on my document! I did not even realize it! Good job! I am impressed."
  • David says: on 11/06/2013 "I am very satisfied. This is one of the best proofreading services on the internet."
  • Ali says: on 11/06/2013 "Thank you very much for your diligence and your attention to provide the best for your customers. This was the second time I used your service, and I was very pleased about the quality of the work done on my paper. I am willing to do business in the near future with your company, and I'm currently working on a project that needs to be checked. I will be contacting you in a few weeks. Again, thank you very much for the outstanding performance."
  • Shawn Frost says: on 11/01/2013 "Overall, I'm very, very pleased with the service and response from ProofreadingPal. I was referred by my partner, who was also very happy with the service, and we would both use it again and recommend it to our friends. I'm one very satisfied customer."
  • Melissa says: on 10/30/2013 "I was very impressed, and I will definitely use the service again."
  • Emily Hallendy says: on 10/30/2013 "I definitely have feedback that I would like to share. It's an absolute WONDERFUL service. It was only my first time using it. It was perfect, and the staff really worked with me and my time constraints. Once I obtained the feedback from my document, not only did it help my document, but also helped me for future reference. I will be using ProofreadingPal next time I have a document that needs to be checked, without a doubt.

    Thank you so much for contacting me.

    I really appreciate the care that your company has in service."
  • LouAnne Boyd says: on 10/26/2013 "I have been very happy with the services I received from I really needed the support to feel confident in my writing and to continue to edit my work after it had received a thorough edit. I will definitely use the service again as I am hoping to be doing more writing in my future. Thanks for offering such as great service (and pen and notepads too!)"
  • Charles says: on 10/23/2013 "This is a wonderful service. I couldn't be happier with it."
  • Vendon Smith says: on 10/23/2013 "Thank you so much for all of your assistance."
  • Mark McClung says: on 10/23/2013 "I have to say I am impressed with your service, and you are well worth the money I spent."
  • Anonymous says: on 10/22/2013 "I love you guys, and I love the service. There's no one else I would go to."
  • Reagan says: on 10/22/2013 "Thank you very much for proofreading my document. It is fantastically proofread and edited, and I'm fully satisfied on the quality."
  • Claudia says: on 10/20/2013 "I think ProofreadingPal is an awesome company! I got a lot of great feedback from the proofreaders who viewed my papers. When I submit my papers I feel confident that I'm going to get an 'A' because ProofreadingPal reviewed it. I love the fast turnaround time too!"
  • Kory Hill says: on 10/19/2013 "No criticism. I am very satisfied, and I will continue to use the service in the future."
  • Jason says: on 10/15/2013 "Please thank the editors for doing such a great job in proofreading my paper. Not only did they make grammatical edits, but they also made some edit suggestions on the content as well. I greatly appreciate it!"
  • Maura Priest says: on 10/15/2013 "Thank you so much! I appreciate the great work."
  • Elizabeth Herrell says: on 10/15/2013 "You really did a professional job with these edits. I am very pleased and will use you again in the future."
  • Manoo says: on 10/15/2013 "I really appreciate your efficiency and all the remarks you made. I am hoping to work with you in the near future. My special thanks to all of the proofreaders."
  • Taylor says: on 10/09/2013 "Thank you again! ProofreadingPal is THE BEST!"
  • Peter says: on 10/06/2013 "Two more classes to go and I'll be done with my masters. Thanks!"
  • Cynthia says: on 10/04/2013 "Thank you so much for the additional review. I am very happy with your work. Please extend my gratitude to Ruthie, and I definitely will continue relying on your service in the future. Please know the good work and important support that your service provides is deeply appreciated."
  • Vendon Smith says: on 10/02/2013 "I'm very excited about this, and I'm very happy with the work you've done. Thank you."
  • Anonymous says: on 09/26/2013 "ProofreadingPal is a great service that's also highly accessible for people with disabilities."
  • Donna Lindsay says: on 09/24/2013 "Thank you! ProofreadingPal was very helpful, quick, and easy to use. I was able to get my updated resume reviewed by fresh eyes that helped me put my best foot forward at a reasonable price."
  • Scott Eckhardt says: on 09/20/2013 "Things were great, and I plan to use you again."
  • Linda says: on 09/19/2013 "I appreciate your service. I will continue to use your service!"
  • Neil Acheampong says: on 09/19/2013 "I am satisfied and thank you."
  • Josy Jamieson says: on 09/19/2013 "Thank you for doing a great job on my document. Nice work!"
  • Jean says: on 09/11/2013 "The proofreading is great!"
  • Aswin Mannepalli says: on 09/10/2013 "Things went great. Thanks for checking up."
  • Paula Vasquez says: on 09/10/2013 "I was very happy with the work. I will definitely use your services again, and I will recommend your site to my colleagues."
  • Anelia Atanassova says: on 09/07/2013 ": I am very satisfied from the ProofreadingPal! I sent two materials last week and received them in time with many helpful comments along with the proofs. Thank you very much for the well done job, and I will look forward to working with you in the future.
    My very best regards,
  • Taylor says: on 09/06/2013 "Everything looks great with the proof. You guys have the best proofreading site available!"
  • Patricia Brown says: on 08/30/2013 "Thank you! I am a satisfied customer."
  • Anonymous says: on 08/30/2013 "ProofreadingPal was very beneficial and provided me with help and a better understanding of MLA rules."
  • Vivian Z. says: on 08/30/2013 "I just took a look at the edited cover letter and resume. I'm pretty happy with the work. This is the second time I'm using your service, and I was pleased with my experience. I'd definitely recommend your service to my friends. Thank you."
  • John Dewey says: on 08/30/2013 "I was very happy with the service!"
  • Sharon Simmons says: on 08/29/2013 "I was happy. I will definitely use you again (and refer the service as well)."
  • Kristin Van Dusen says: on 08/27/2013 "We were very happy with the proofreading work that was done, and the turn-around time was very impressive. We would definitely use your services again when needed!"
  • Mano says: on 08/20/2013 "Your service is lovely! I am so happy, and your team has done a great job for my CV. I was so delighted, and I figured out how silly my mistakes were. I was stunned at the mistakes I made! I felt so stupid. It was really nice to work with you."
  • Lee Verkuylen says: on 08/12/2013 "I just like to express my satisfaction with the recent orders. Ted's comments were polite, fun, and indicated key aspects with good suggestions. In addition, the dialogue tweaks/help/modifications are very good. I greatly appreciate the review of my requests and the quality of work completed.
    Thank you ProofreadingPal!
    Lee Verkuylen"
  • Michael says: on 08/01/2013 "I am so impressed and embarrassed at the same time. I worked a long time on the pages that I hired you to proofread. After receiving your finished copy, I realized how bad I am. You guys did an incredible job with my content. I now have content to compete with big boys. You guys rule!"
  • Eric Larsen says: on 07/30/2013 "I wanted to take a moment to express how happy I am with your service. My short story was proofed by your company, and both the punctuation and structure recommendations were excellent. A much better story after ;). I even got a great lesson in English writing from all the corrections, hopefully making me a better writer! Thank you so much!"
  • Thomas Gaal says: on 07/17/2013 "Please extend my thanks to reviewer. They were great on content, style, and form! Thank you very much."
  • Wendy says: on 06/30/2013 "Thank you for your help. I got full credit for that paper."
  • Erin Ross says: on 06/28/2013 "You guys did a great job, and I very much appreciate you turning it around so quickly!"
  • Anonymous says: on 06/27/2013 "I was happy with the results. It helped me very much."
  • Goran says: on 06/26/2013 "I am very pleased with the proofread material. A few years ago, I usedProofreadingPal to proofread my novel and was very satisfied. Now the PR for that novel is finally coming out. I will continue to use your services in the future."
  • Joi says: on 06/21/2013 "This document looks fine. This is for a friend who just needed it changed over into English from French and in a correct format.The person who did this dida superb job and should be commended. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to that individual."
  • Anonymous says: on 06/21/2013 "This is the first time I have used the help of a professional proofreader. Before I came to you, I gave this resume to my friends and got feedback like its solid but no corrections. It's neither their mistake nor my mistake. It just wasn't done by a professional. I was amazed at the things corrected by your team. I will definitely come back for my future needs."
  • Ginger Reed says: on 06/20/2013 "My name is Ginger Reed. I am writing this little note to say how grateful I am for your service. I found myself in a problem situation because the text of my book was sent to you by someone else and all correspondence went to her. She emailed the proofreaders' comments along with my text to me. Somehow, everything was lost. I couldn't find my text with the revisions I was doing based on the comments that were made. After working on it for hours, you can imagine how badly I felt. All my work, gone!

    That was until I called your service! His name is Kyle Stine. What an amazing gentlemen. He helped me way beyond the call of duty. He was able to retrieve my text and the proofreaders comments and help me get it all on Microsoft Word. It was not an easy task because it was not easy to find. He had to go through numerous emails, and then he realized that maybe he could find it on Google docs and he did!

    Now I am completely back on track. As a women who has put her heart and soul and many tear's into writing what I have, you can understand how I would have felt if it were all lost. Kyle Stine is my hero! Whoever proofread my book "Do the day", he made a last comment. I have shared that comment with everyone in my circle. He said, "Teresa sounds like someone I would have enjoyed meeting, and I hope I have done her story and yours justice."

    As a mother who has lost her child, Teresa, to breast cancer,can you imagine how much that comment meant to me?

    I thank you Kyle for all your help. I thank the proofreader who read the book and made the very helpful comments. I thank the company, ProofreadingPal, for making all they above possible."

    Ginger Reed
  • George Jendeski says: on 06/18/2013 "I used ProofreadingPal three times, and I received a 96-98-98 on my essays. This is a great service, and I would recommend this service to everyone, especially if you're in college."
  • Enrique Montes says: on 06/17/2013 "I just want to say how grateful I am for your service. For the first time in over a year dealing with ProofreadingPal, I had a problem with the editing on one of my papers. Once I talked to customer service I knew I was in good hands. I dealt with Raquel, and she quickly understood my problem and wanted to fix it and make it right. I just want to say that your customer service is impeccable. I have recommended your service all of the people in my university who would listen. The ones that have used ProofreadingPalspeak the same praises as I do. Thank you, and keep up the hard work!"
  • Dina Yunus says: on 06/17/2013 "I am really satisfied with your work. Your changes and recommendations have helped me a lot. Especially because I am German and English is not my native language."
  • Jason Todd says: on 06/14/2013 "I was pleased."
  • Yeon says: on 06/10/2013 "Your service is much better than others editing services that I used previously. I am going to use for future editing."
  • Sengyoun Jung says: on 06/10/2013 "I was really satisfied with the proof!"
  • Brian Marvin says: on 06/10/2013 "Your company did a great job, and I'll definitely be using your service in the future."
  • George says: on 06/04/2013 "This is the second time I used your service. Overall, I am pretty satisfied. I will be back in the future."
  • Evan Tracey says: on 06/04/2013 "Your folks did great. Thanks!"
  • Teresa says: on 06/03/2013 "I am very satisfied with the excellent service that I received from your company. I plan to use your company again. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to give you feedback."
  • Colette Chambers says: on 06/02/2013 "It was great. Thanks!"
  • Thomas Allen says: on 02/19/2013 "Thank you very much - I'm very happy with the edits."
  • Kyung Lee says: on 02/18/2013 "I really liked the speed of your service. The comments you provided were really helpful. Thank you!"
  • Stephanie says: on 02/17/2013 "I am very pleased with the editing and feedback that I have received! It has been very helpful. I have recommended the site to some colleagues that may also benefit from ProofreadingPal. I look forward to using this service again in the near future."
  • Bobby M. says: on 02/14/2013 "I submitted my resume to ProofreadingPal after months of being unemployed. I realized I was sabotaging my effort to get a job because I sent out several dozen resumes with errors. Today, after getting much-needed help from ProofreadingPal, I work for a multi-billion dollar Fortune 1000 company in addition to doing creative consulting. I think ProofreadingPal's resume services are especially important in today's economy, where having the right credential's aren't as important as being able to present them clearly and error-free."
  • Larry Laswell says: on 11/14/2012 "Yes, I am happy. Sometimes stuff happens to all of us. The real test is what is done to fix what's broke, and you did an excellent, timely and friendly job of that."
  • L.V. says: on 11/12/2012 "I was very pleased with your proofreading service. It's amazing that you guys do 90-minute orders for a very reasonable price. This site is just super cool! The improvements you made were really helpful and thorough. The company already invited me for an interview so I am obviously very happy with the proofreading. I'm definitely coming back to use your service again when I need it!"
  • Patricia says: on 11/12/2012 "Yes, I'm very pleased with your feedback. I hope to utilize your service on a regular basis once I establish my column."
  • Lisa Malone says: on 11/11/2012 "Everything was great! Thanks for the thoroughness. Your comments and suggestions were very helpful!"
  • Maja says: on 11/10/2012 "Please thank Mr. Kielkopf for me. I was really impressed with your service and will definitely use it again as well as recommend it to others."
  • Wendy Opsahl says: on 11/09/2012 "It was great working with you, and I look forward to recommending your company's services to my other academic colleagues."
  • Ryan Brovold says: on 11/09/2012 "Thank you for your help on my project a few weeks back. My manuscript was submitted and accepted. Overall, I was satisfied with the work that your editor performed. The editor made many good corrections and provided thoughtful comments. There were some minor edits that I did not accept, but that was because the editor probably wasn't familiar with terminology specific to my study. Since we last spoke, I have referred two people to your organization. I will be using your service again in the future."
  • Denise Nordell says: on 11/07/2012 "We were very pleased with the service provided by ProofreadingPal. We especially appreciated your prompt turnaround, which enabled us to keep the project on track and meet our deadline."
  • Rachel Calderon says: on 11/07/2012 "ProofreadingPal was excellent. I couldn't have been happier with the services provided. I'll be sure to use you all again and share my positive experience with others."
  • Janis Moran says: on 11/06/2012 "I was delighted with your proofreading service. You made it easy, and I thought it was affordable considering how thoroughly you proofed our project. I can't tell you how nice it was to come in on Monday morning and find my material ready to go.

    I would recommend you to anyone looking for a proofreading source, and I plan to use you again in the future."
  • Shaz Far says: on 11/06/2012 "I just finished my paper. I am very pleased with the job and thankful to the proofreaders. It was returned in less than 48 hours, and it was flawless. Thank you!"
  • Teresa says: on 11/06/2012 "I am so thankful that I found I have received A's on my papers. I have recommended to other online students."
  • Rasheedat Yussuf says: on 11/06/2012 "I am very pleased with the turnaround and quality of service you provided. I will definitely recommend ProofreadingPal to my friends. I am a very happy customer. Thank you for your help."
  • Victoria Napolitano says: on 11/05/2012 "As a designer, I spends hours working on details to create a vision of perfection. The last thing I want is to have a typo or grammatical error in my presentation. I am so pleased with the work by ProofreadingPal. They take the stress out of me trying to edit my own work. Thank you!"
  • Janneth says: on 10/31/2012 "I was very pleased with the proofing job. Thanks!"
  • Enrique Montes says: on 10/31/2012 "It was a great service, and I could not be happier. I will be sending you my research papers for the rest of the term."
  • Diane says: on 10/30/2012 "Your effort is very much appreciated."
  • Jeffrey says: on 10/30/2012 "I was pleased with the work your team performed. It was very detailed and easy to understand. I will be sending at least two additional pieces in the next 12 months."
  • Dodkik says: on 10/30/2012 "On time. Very good!"
  • Anonymous says: on 10/29/2012 "I was really impressed with I have used other proofreading services, and ProofreadingPal really showed itself above and beyond."
  • Gilles says: on 10/23/2012 "Thank your for contacting me. I would like to state that I am extremely satisfied with your service that I have used twice now. I find the service both responsive and of great quality."
  • Scott Ludwig says: on 10/22/2012 "Everything went very well! I plan to use PRP in the future."
  • Daisuke says: on 10/20/2012 "Overall, I like your service and price. I will use this again."
  • Hanna Nguyen says: on 10/16/2012 "Your team did an amazing job with my paper. The proofreader added very clear and helpful comments, and the grammatical edits were spot-on. Thank you so much for the quick turnaround! I will be using your services again."
  • Kathy says: on 10/15/2012 "Thanks for the phone call. We did receive the revised brochure file. Your prompt and quality service is much appreciated."
  • Bobby says: on 10/15/2012 "I am extremely satisfied with your services and MUST use it again (I would only do so if I was satisfied). When I get a job, I will no doubt credit you, as no one else will really help with my resume from now on. This way, in my testimonial, I can say I got a job because of you, which is really not stretching the truth (I had poor responses with my old Cover Letter / CV before you saw it. I think things will be much better now).

    Thanks guys, I had no idea my resume needed so much work."
  • Cleo Duncan says: on 10/11/2012 "I'm truly pleased with the outstanding service and quality papers your staff has provided."
  • Tyrel Burton says: on 10/11/2012 "Hi! Everything was perfect, and I'll use you guys again."
  • Lisa Szarkowski says: on 10/10/2012 "I couldn't be happier with your service. I really appreciate having two editors reviewing the document and explaining their changes. You were thorough, fast, and professional. Thank you!"
  • Amir says: on 10/05/2012 "I am very happy with the work. Keep it up!"
  • Eva Silveirinha says: on 10/04/2012 "I was very pleased with the service provided by ProofreadingPal (detail of comments, the suggestions, and the turnaround time). Thank you very much for your work. I have no doubts that I will use your company in the future if needed, and I will recommend it to others."
  • Ken Brooks says: on 10/04/2012 "I was very impressed with your services! Your service was prompt, effective, and reasonably priced. I am looking forward to using ProofreadingPal in the future."
  • Youbi Kim says: on 10/02/2012 "I am very impressed with your service!"
  • Kristie Derendinger says: on 10/01/2012 "We have been very pleased with the proofing service. My most recent order was submitted as a 6-hour turnaround and was completed in 30 minutes! It was a small amount of copy (170 words), but the proofreaders were so thorough. They suggested things beyond grammar and spelling. We will continue to use your service. Thanks!"
  • Miky says: on 09/29/2012 "I'm very pleased with your proofreading service. It was done in the specified time of three hours, and the comments made were pointed out clearly! I took many of the comments into consideration, and it helped me make a good final product."
  • Bennie says: on 09/24/2012 "I must say that is a blessing! I'm not a great writer, so your service allows me to feel confident when submitting the essays for my applications. I've used your service twice, and I'm quite satisfied with my experience."
  • Rachana Yendala says: on 09/18/2012 "Hello ProofreadingPal,

    I am really glad with the way my application has turned out now. Thank you for all the help. Your comments indeed helped me to know the language better. I would be more than happy to tell my friends about this!

    Thank you once again."
  • Peter Sangra says: on 09/16/2012 "I was pleased with the service. I recommended you to a friend after I got my document back, and I wish I had heard about you sooner."
  • Madeeha says: on 09/14/2012 "You guys are awesome!!! I am in love with your service and now have my fiance hooked too. I love the minor changes made to all my work sent to you guys."
  • Paula says: on 09/06/2012 "I was pleased with the service and would like to use it again."
  • Brandon says: on 09/02/2012 "I'm pursuing a doctorate in physical therapy and need to submit an essay to various schools. Without any scholars or academics in my family, I turned to a Google search for online proofreading services. ProofreadingPal presented the most professional looking service and allowed payment through PayPal, a plus. ProofreadingPal went beyond simple grammar issues and actually made a number of thoughtful suggestions that helped refine my sentence structure and overall message. I will be using them in the future."
  • Ray Rogers says: on 08/31/2012 "I have used your service twice this week to proofread my resume and cover letter. This service is great, and I am so glad I found it. This was money well spent, and my documents look 100% better. Thank you! I have already told two people about using ProofreadingPal."
  • Steve Loos says: on 08/31/2012 "I just worked through the front half, and your work is outstanding! I'll highly recommend you to my network!"
  • Doug says: on 08/28/2012 "The service was excellent."
  • Greg Bardwell says: on 08/27/2012 "I finished reviewing your editors work.

    Great job. Very professional and great turn-around. I also very much appreciated the suggestions, and I took most of them. I will use you again -- soon hopefully. I have already recommended you to another business owner who has asked."
  • Murat Ates says: on 08/26/2012 "My research article is now accepted for publication. Thank you very much for editing my article. My chemistry article is very good thanks to your service. I will use your service again in the future. I am also letting my friends know."
  • Peter Riddell says: on 08/24/2012 "The proofreaders picked up on much more than I expected, and I've already recommended ProofreadingPal to to of my colleagues for resumes. I plan to use the service again."
  • Chelsea says: on 08/24/2012 "I am thrilled with the edits on my document."
  • Ingrid says: on 08/24/2012 "As always, excellent edits!"
  • Georgia says: on 08/20/2012 "I am very happy with your service. I have used a few proofreaders before, and this one is definitely the best. I am in my third year of university and struggle sometimes with my grammar and flow of arguments in essays. The service you provide is very professional and of high standard. I will definitely be returning."
  • Steven Hawes says: on 08/20/2012 "This was a great service for updating my resume. I had multiple iterations so I needed a service that was affordable, fast, and accurate. ProofreadingPal was a great service that met all these needs."
  • Jon says: on 08/20/2012 "The proofreading I get from ProofreadingPal is superb. It is not only thorough and accurate in regard to spelling and grammar, but also gives me terrific feedback in terms of concepts, document flow, and better wording to get my ideas across.

    The feedback I get shows that your team understands my concepts and my style and even my wacky sense of humor. It's both a benefit and great comfort to be able to send documents to you for that critical outside point of view."
  • Peter Koenig says: on 08/20/2012 "I just received two A's for the two papers you proofread. I am happy with the results, and the dual editing adds input into the papers. I have difficulty writing and have always struggled. The money I pay for the proofreading is well worth it. I am working my way through college, and your service is helpful on some many levels."
  • Matt says: on 08/20/2012 "Thanks! Your proofreading service was awesome. You guys rock. I plan to use you in the future for all my proofreading. Thanks again."
  • Barb says: on 08/18/2012 "I am very pleased with your proofreading service. I am currently working on another paper. I will be using your proof reading service shortly."
  • Michelle Dobbins says: on 08/17/2012 "I was very happy with the proofreading and level of customer service. ProofreadingPal is a great company, and you have helped me to get my manuscript's submission ready in half the time of trying to find friends or other professionals to proofread. It's great for me because I have a hard time proofreading my own writing."
  • Mbaye Fall Diallo says: on 08/16/2012 "The proofreading was fine and helpful. It was professional too."
  • Dionne says: on 08/12/2012 "I'm extremely pleased with the service your company has provided. The writing assignments that I submit always receive an A or A+. As a result, I will continue to use your service because of the quality. Your company also always meets the deadline at least two hours ahead."
  • Sarah says: on 08/10/2012 "I just received my first document back from your proofreaders and wanted to write to thank you. I'm impressed with the quality of your proofreaders' attention to detail and ability to catch the little things I miss and confuse. Also, I like the way that you send both the track-changes version and the changes-accepted version. That's very helpful. Finally, I appreciate the way your proofreaders highlight stylistic changes and question what I have there but refrain from changing them to suit their preferences."
  • Mesha Griffin says: on 08/07/2012 "I had four assignments completed by ProofreadingPal. I can honesty say I was very pleased with the end product. The personal attention from James far exceeded my expectation of great and reliable customer service. In addition, the proofreaders' comments were spot on."
  • Pejman says: on 08/07/2012 "I am very happy with the service and will definitely use it in the future."
  • Theresa Martin says: on 08/07/2012 "I was very pleased, and I actually used your service twice."
  • Michelle Dobbins says: on 08/07/2012 "Just wanted to let you know that I love your service. I write fiction, so it may be different from the bulk of what your company receives, but your editors always to a great job editing and are very nice and encouraging with the edits. It's great to be able to get something quickly edited in time for a contest or other submission."
  • Karen Aiken says: on 08/06/2012 "I am a very satisfied customer. I am very bad in English, and I got an A. I am so happy I found your services and will be using it again once school starts back up. I will also recommend your service as well."
  • Adam Seif says: on 08/02/2012 "Thanks for your services. You did a great job!"
  • Ron Oetjen says: on 07/31/2012 "The service was great! As a first time user I wasn't sure what to expect, but my experience was impressive! I'll definitely use the service again!"
  • David Lee says: on 07/30/2012 "Thanks a lot for your work. It was a great help. I'll be your client again next time."
  • Henrietta Yang says: on 07/29/2012 "Thank you so much for the file. I enjoyed so much working with your company! In fact, I have referred your company to my colleagues! I have a couple more files that need your help with. I will send them soon."
  • Wayne says: on 07/25/2012 "Excellent job!!! I will be back."
  • Juliana says: on 07/22/2012 "I am so thankful for the editing ProofreadingPal did on my resume. The edits really helped me make my resume more concise and powerful. Thank you so much!"
  • Conrad Quintyn says: on 07/17/2012 "I am very pleased with both proofreading orders. Your service made my documents more coherent! This is the second time I have used your service. I hope to use Proofreadingpal again in the future."
  • William Bauer says: on 07/04/2012 "I really appreciated the grammatical and style revisions that were so carefully and thoughtfully provided. But, I was impressed even more by the kind and considerate customer support that was offered. These staff members truly behaved toward me as if I were a "pal"."
  • Tiffany says: on 07/04/2012 "Thanks! This is probably the 4th or 5th time using your service, and you guys have always done a great job - very quick turnaround and really competitive pricing."
  • Vijeta says: on 07/02/2012 "I really appreciate the awesome service your group has been providing us. I truly appreciate all the efforts and input. Please let my editors know that their feedback and comments are very helpful, and it helped me a lot making my admission essay better. I will use your service in future and will recommend it to my friends too."
  • Richard Thibault says: on 07/02/2012 "I am dropping a sincere "thank you" for the excellent service you did editing my last essay. The help provided in correcting the French influence I include in most of my writings is utmost appreciated. It goes without saying, your valuable comments enhanced my academic presentation."
  • Thomas Gaal says: on 07/02/2012 "I really appreciated the improvement suggestions which went far beyond the standard "proofreading quality control" style."
  • Ryan Hecht says: on 06/27/2012 "We are always extremely pleased with your proofing! I love that you have two proofers check each document and fill in all the holes."
  • Jose Perez says: on 06/25/2012 "I am very pleased with the level of quality ProofreadingPal has provided me with. As a consultant I want to ensure I present an error-free finished product, and ProofreadingPal assists me in this matter. I will continue to use your services as I have found them to be extremely valuable."
  • Justin Kleiner says: on 06/21/2012 "You guys did an amazing job! The work was flawless, and the turnaround time was super-fast. We'll definitely be using your services again. Feel free to use us as a testimonial."
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