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Lori is a proofreader at ProofreadingPal.com

MLA Formatting

MLA Handbook
20 Apr

Although students may feel intimidated by the requirement to strictly follow any specific style, including MLA, the truth is that MLA style really is not that complicated. Following are a few quick tips we suggest at proofreadingpal.com for properly formatting an MLA document: read more »

posted in: MLA

How to Write a Thesis Proposal

28 Mar
posted in: Thesis Proposals

Students often cringe at the challenge of writing a good thesis proposal, uncertain of how to select an appropriate topic (one broad enough to include supportive research, yet specific in theme) and create a polished, professional document. At proofreadingpal.com, we regularly edit thesis proposals of all shapes and sizes. Some papers require only minor polishing and helpful suggestions for clarification where needed, but other papers require a great deal of work in all areas—grammar and punctuation, sentence structure, document organization, and style formatting. read more »

Professional Writing

Professional Writing
14 Mar

I’ve edited many books, short stories, and even papers by authors who seemingly believed that ambiguous, dramatic, and descriptive words (and even repetition) somehow increased their document’s level of professionalism. Perhaps they were attempting to make the scene come alive for the reader or evoke a sense of rambling thought—very noble intentions indeed. Regardless, unnecessary wordiness and redundancy are generally considered unacceptable in professional writing. read more »