Tips for Effective Digital Assignments

September 2, 2021 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

With any digital assignment, follow steps similar to those you would follow for a traditional assignment like a paper. Read the assignment carefully and make sure you understand it fully, plan your process, ensure your argument is solid, conduct thorough research, write the text of your video using appropriate language, revise and proofread, and document your sources.


Digital Assignments

July 28, 2021 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

This fall, many schools will be returning to in-person learning, but no matter what your or your child’s mode of learning will be, the pandemic and the virtual learning it required will have a tremendous effect on teaching and learning from now on.


Tips to Follow Directions in Writing Assignments

March 31, 2021 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

In today’s post, I’ll share my thoughts on another relatable lesson. Good writers follow directions! Following directions is key in most activities, especially for writing assignments, which are most often accompanied by extensive written directions.


Cell Phones and Why We Write

June 20, 2020 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Civility is the world’s second-best social lubricant, and from the first day of their public appearance, cell phones have interrupted parties, luncheons, meetings, and simple how-do-you-dos.


5 Tips for Choosing a Paper Topic

March 2, 2020 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Writing is never easy; even professional writers and academics, people who have chosen careers with hefty writing requirements, can struggle mightily to get it done.


Avoiding Plagiarism in Tricky Situations: Part 1

July 16, 2019 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

But because we take inspiration from everything around us—from nature, from conversations, from street signs, from the things we watch and read—it can be hard to give appropriate credit to all those many sources.


How to Format Math and Equations

June 6, 2018 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

In a mathematical expression, numbers, variables, and operators act like the parts of speech. Numbers and variables are nouns; operational symbols may variously act as conjunctions, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, or transitive verbs.


Guidelines for Quoting and Paraphrasing Sources in Your Writing

May 29, 2018 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

If you’re writing on a topic in literature, medicine, engineering, history, or anything else academic, you need to use outside sources to support your ideas, and whether you get a solid A or you flop depends a lot on how effectively you use your sources.


Don’t Buy Content Online: Reasons 4-6

October 19, 2017 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Three more reason why buying online content, for school or elsewhere, is a really bad idea.


How Do Teachers Grade Papers?

February 3, 2016 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Wssay grading is no more subjective than other methods. Here are four simple, hard-and-fast quality measures that universally apply to grading papers.


How to Write an A Paper

December 26, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays, Writing Guides

While it’s true that A work is usually superior to the work of other students in the class, that’s not really the point. But A work isn’t just superior to B work; it’s superior to the assignment.


ESL/EFL Guide to English Essay Writing

July 1, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Expressing yourself effectively in writing is a challenge for most people, but for non-native speakers of English, the task can be muc


How to Avoid Wordiness

May 21, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays, Proofreading and Editing

Try these tips in your writing. Practice makes perfect (as opposed to, “In order to achieve perfection, you should take the time to practice”).


6 Tips for Citing Sources Smoothly

May 1, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in APA, Dissertations, Essays, MLA

A properly formatted paper with citations makes you look smart and proves what you know. It’s like wearing a suit to a job interview. Here are some tips to help make the process of writing citations enjoyable, or at least painless.


How to Outline an Essay

April 27, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

Writing a proper outline lets you focus on the first task first and all by itself: what to say. Don’t worry about the words yet. Don’t even think about complete sentences. This is only about lining up your content.


6 Easy Steps for Writing Faster

April 24, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Books and Manuscripts, Essays

Before beginning any project, sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. Too many people start projects before accurately identifying their goals, and this leads them to waste too much time on ideas and writing things that aren’t relevant.


What Plagiarism Is and How to Avoid It

April 3, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

It can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to let worries about plagiarism make writing papers harder. These are a few simple things to include in your writing practice so that you can easily avoid plagiarism.


8 Tips to Make Your Writing Sound More Formal

March 26, 2015 by ProofreadingPal in Essays

There is no substitute for good ideas, but we can (and do) help you elevate your tone and make you sound like a bona fide professional-thinking person. Here are some handy tricks that you can use yourself.


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Be Yourself When You Write Essays

March 11, 2012 by Mike in Essays

Unfortunately, we see many misguided essays here at ProofreadingPal on a daily basis. And one of the fundamental suggestions we always offer to those clients is to “be yourself when you write.”


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