Professional-Looking Book Layout

15 Apr

We’ve all seen it: a book that looks great on the surface, with an attractive cover and engaging description on the back. But lurking inside is a well of horrors, some of which we never even realized we feared until we saw them printed in front of us. Just what is it that makes some […] read more »

Colophon: The Publication Page

26 Dec

We’ve all seen and ignored it a million times, that page at the front of a book with all the dense little lines of text and strings of numbers. What the heck is it? And why do you need to consider it if you’re self-publishing? That page at the front of the book is the […] read more »

Pitching Manuscripts

19 Jun

What is a pitch package? How do I put one together? How does it differ for different types of manuscripts? Right. You’ve got a great idea. You’ve researched agents. You’ve brushed up on contract terms. You may have even written a few chapters. Fantastic! But unless you’re self-publishing (which we’ll talk about in another post), […] read more »

Do I Need a Literary Agent?

14 May

Almost everyone has heard of literary agents, either as the wonderful people who sell your book for zillions of dollars and make you the next blockbuster hit, or as the jerks who won’t give you the time of day and keep you from becoming the next blockbuster hit. In reality, agents are businesspeople and creative […] read more »

6 Easy Steps for Writing Faster

24 Apr

1. Develop a Clear Goal Before beginning any project, sit down and think about what you want to accomplish. If you’re an undergraduate, think about what grade you want to receive and what you need to do to achieve it. If you’re a researcher, establish your problem and design your research questions before anything else. […] read more »

How Book Writers Get Paid – Pt 1

20 Mar

Once you’ve written the manuscript and had it professionally edited, the hard part is over, right? All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the money come in. Unfortunately, publishing is never that easy. And the business part of publishing is a complex, often frustrating wilderness for which many writers aren’t quite […] read more »

Professional Writing

Professional Writing
14 Mar

I’ve edited many books, short stories, and even papers by authors who seemingly believed that ambiguous, dramatic, and descriptive words (and even repetition) somehow increased their document’s level of professionalism. Perhaps they were attempting to make the scene come alive for the reader or evoke a sense of rambling thought—very noble intentions indeed. Regardless, unnecessary wordiness and redundancy are generally considered unacceptable in professional writing. read more »

Submitting Short Fiction to Literary Magazines

20 Oct

So you’ve written a short story and are looking to getting it published in a literary magazine. There are still a few steps you’ll want to take before you can see your name in print. read more »