When to Use Tables and Figures

May 31, 2022 by ProofreadingPal in Dissertations

In research papers, tables and figures can be helpful and even necessary to support your argument or to present a clearer, fuller picture of your topic. Creating effective tables and figures is not a simple task, however, and using a table or figure made by another author has intellectual property considerations. In today’s post, I’ll provide some information about tables and figures and some tips for including them correctly and thoughtfully .


A Road by Any Other Name

May 21, 2022 by ProofreadingPal in Grammar

While it may seem confusing to have an Elm Street in the same city as an Elm Lane, there is an actual purpose behind all the different names we give to places cars use, so in this post, let’s look at the different meanings those words convey in US English.


Curse of the Proofreader’s Brain

May 16, 2022 by ProofreadingPal in Editing Tools

The curse of professional language persons, you see, is that they are always language persons, 24/7, even when not on the job. It’s just how our brains are wired. Some of us have always been this way; for others, our years in the business have reshaped our thought patterns.


Respectively: Explained

May 5, 2022 by ProofreadingPal in Grammar

The word “respectively” is extremely useful, but only if you use it correctly. It’s useless (though often used) when ”respectively” doesn’t have something to be respective to.


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