Month: August 2018

Editing vs. Ghostwriting

on August 31, 2018 by ProofreadingPal in Business Proofreading and Editing
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First, ghostwriting isn’t a legitimate practice when it comes to term papers or other formal work done for course credit or academic advancement, like published research papers. Sorry, guys, but you need to do your own research and writing for that. Same with articles for trade journals and the like.


Italics: The Dos and Don’ts

on August 14, 2018 by ProofreadingPal in Writing Guides
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I spend a lot of my editing hours at ProofreadingPal dealing with wayward italics, so let’s talk about times when they are used properly and when they aren’t.


Quick Guide to Colons and Semicolons

on August 6, 2018 by ProofreadingPal in Writing Guides
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Let's talk about two marks that set off complementary information, phrases and clauses without which a sentence is incomplete: the colon and the semicolon.


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