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10 Tips for Writing Effective Recommendations

14 Apr

A workplace is defined as much by social interactions as by the work that gets done. Now, not all of those interactions are pleasant (We’ve all endured that grumbling client or that tattletale coworker.), but some can be immensely satisfying. Praise and compliments make us feel good, and they’re actually good for us. A study […] read more »

Easy Formula for LinkedIn Recommendations

26 Mar

To follow up on our look at using testimonials in your resume, let’s flip the script. Maybe one of your colleagues is looking for consulting work, or perhaps a young person whom you have mentored is setting off on a new career path. A recommendation from you could help that person land a position. How […] read more »

How to Use Testimonials in a Resume

27 Feb

We’ve mentioned the recent trend of including an inspirational quote in your resume. The consensus—from both an editor’s viewpoint and a recruiter’s—is that it’s a bad idea. A resume’s function is to showcase your skills and the value that you represent for an employer in your own simple, clear words. With all that being said, […] read more »

What Goes at the Top of a Resume?

1 Feb

There are three types of resume headers. Choose the one you need carefully. Like most everything, resumes are subject to trends and fashions, and when fashion is involved, some changes will be durable and useful while others will be embarrassing fads. One change in the last couple decades has been the addition of what I’ll […] read more »

What Personal Information Goes on a Resume

1 Dec

So you’re nearly finished writing your resume. Time for a quick existential crisis! Your resume is looking great. You’ve provided timelines for your education and work histories, used bullet points to emphasize your achievements, and documented your professional skills. And you’ve done it all with room to spare! (White space is your friend.) But you […] read more »

Master Resume: Activate Your Interviews

22 Aug

It’s easy to open an article with an arresting image or statistic, but transitioning from an entertaining intro to the informative body of the article is sometimes awkward. A good trick is to engage the reader directly with a call action within the first hundred or so words. If the article is about a hobby, […] read more »

Traditional and New Resume Formats

3 Aug

Which organizational format is appropriate for your resume? You may not have even realized you had a choice. The vast majority of resumes still use the familiar reverse chronological format. In this setup, the focus is on the particulars of the applicant’s work experience. The centerpiece of the resume is a list of your last […] read more »

4 Tips for the Best Resume Format

15 Jun

We’ve talked about the content of your resume submission package: leaving stuff in and out, crafting your message to sell yourself, and cutting your content down to size. This time around, we’ll focus on visual aspects of your presentation.  Give It Space In a sense, we’re starting where we left off in my last column, […] read more »

6 Tips for Keeping Your Résumé Brief: Less Is More

7 May

With the help of a good editor, the joke goes, Tolstoy could have gotten War and Peace down to just War. It’s true that, at least for business writing, we at ProofreadingPal usually aim to make things shorter. You might want your Russian historical novel to be a sweeping panorama, but when it comes to […] read more »

Cover Letters: 3 Lessons from Sales

6 Apr

In my first column, I talked about the contents of your cover letter: what to include and exclude. This time, let’s talk about the principle underpinning your submissions package, cover letter, and résumé alike: salesmanship. Sales is a traditional profession in my family, and I spent many years in the game myself. Perhaps that’s why […] read more »

Writing a Cover Letter to Get a Job

12 Mar

Let’s start with the hard truth: No one ever got a job on the strength of a cover letter. That’s a bold claim, but I can support it from years of engagement with Corporate America in a variety of roles. I’ve moved from freelancing to academia to the private sector, and I’ve worked in many […] read more »

Fast Proofreading Services for Rush Projects

Fast Proofreading Service
21 Dec

ProofreadingPal offers fast proofreading services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our 3-, 6-, and 10-hour turnaround speeds make us one of the fastest proofreading services available. read more »

“On Em dash, on En dash, on Prancer, on Vixen”

en dashes and em dashes
23 Dec

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I’d have a Yuletide-themed article this month. One of Santa’s eight tiny reindeers is, of course, Dasher. So let’s talk a little about dashes. (Okay, that’s the lamest Christmas connection ever. Well, that’s all I’ve got. Apologies to all of you, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.) Having a client who is adept at em and en dashes is indeed rare. Usually we see the plain ol’ regular hyphen being used where an em or en dash would be more appropriate. Or we often see random hyphens in varying multiples scattered throughout a paper like sprinkles on a Christmas cookie (okay, I’m still trying, but I’ll quit). read more »

Creating a Memorable Résumé

10 Dec

At ProofreadingPal, we see dozens of résumés a month. While some are pretty sharp, most are…well, in need of some assistance. Beyond blatant grammatical and spelling errors, many résumés have unwieldy objectives, inconsistencies in formatting or language use, and in this job market, it is imperative to make your résumé as sharp as possible before sending it out! read more »